Year Established‎: 1997

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Growth through Learning, Inc. is a private tutoring service for children and adults,
specializing in processing and academic skills enhancement and remediation. My
mission as a tutor is to enrich my clients’ lives by facilitating their achievement
with an educational program tailored to their specific needs.

How does this happen? First, I assess the student’s learning strengths and areas of
difficulty and establish a baseline for academic and information processing skills. I
explore the student’s views about his or her learning abilities and challenges, which
tells me a lot about how I will proceed in my teaching.

I use all assessment data to develop and implement an individualized program plan
with the student. One on one instruction usually takes place in the student’s home.
During each session, I observe the student’s response to my instruction and
evaluate its effectiveness in the moment. I then determine specific changes needed
and implement those changes on the spot, so the student experiences success with
the task. Success builds on success which leads to increased confidence and achievement gains.

My teaching philosophy. A student’s success in learning comes from the sense of, “I can do it”. I believe every student can and wants to learn. My job is to bring in
the methods, materials, and motivational strategies that will facilitate small,
medium, and large learning steps. As the student achieves, “I can do it” becomes
loud and clear. Satisfaction is my reward.