Year Established‎: 1997


A Classroom Observation of One of my Autistic Students.
“I was also impressed by the high level of coordination _____ showed as he
manipulated the small pieces of the ‘car’ that he and I were putting together. His
fine motor skills were very good. He turned little pieces around to figure out how
they fit and with my encouragement used the diagram to help him. Also, he was
adept in using the paintbrush to paint the horse, covering small areas carefully with

Note to a Classroom Teacher about the Reading Progress of one of my Students.
“We’ve worked on vowel teams too. Vowel teams, in _____’s way of talking about
them are two vowels ‘holding hands’ (he takes my two hands in his). He’s
beginning to get the rule about when two vowels are together, the first vowel often
says its name and the other vowel is quiet. He needs more work on the vowel team
concept, particularly in spelling. When he’s reading, I ask him to show me the
vowel team in a word, which he easily does. At this point in his learning, I supply
the sound of the vowel team, and with that hint, he reads the word. I’m excited
about his progress!”

A Poem Acknowledging the Growth in Written Expression of one of my Junior High Students.
“You are a writer, a man of words that affect.
Those reading the words you write feel their impact.
As you continue to grow and learn, I expect
To see you conquer keyboarding and you’ll say, “What the heck?”
My ideas and thoughts need to be said, that’s correct!
I’ll type them with speed and with flair, then connect
To myself and my reader, what I think, feel, and reflect.”

Year Established‎: 1997

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